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Adult Services Available

Lingua has the ability to screen, evaluate, treat, and educate for many different diagnoses that occur in adults. Although traditional speech-language therapy is available, below are the specialty services Lingua is able to provide in office or teletherapy.

Image by Beth Macdonald


Dysphagia is any difficulty with the oral, pharyngeal, or esophageal stage of the swallow. It can be very disruptive to life, let us help. 


Voice Therapy

Voice therapy is provided to individuals who demonstrate a hoarse, raspy, or breathy voice quality. It is also for those who want to improve or  change their current voice function. Gender affirmation voice therapy is also available. 

Image by Hayes Potter

Myofunctional Therapy

Yes, even adults need myofunctional therapy! If you are struggling with jaw pain, choke easily on foods, have always struggled with a tight neck, or still can't roll those "r" evaluation with us is where you want to start. Myofunctional therapy is also recommended for tongue/lip tie procedures. 

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