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Proper maternal nutrition is essential for the health of both mother and the baby, and can help reduce the risk of complications during pregnancy and childbirth. Once baby is here, continuing to fuel your body through your lactation journey allows you to feel comfortable, confident, and nourished. 

Prenatal Nutrition

Whether you are trying to conceive or currently pregnant, achieving appropriate prenatal nutrition support from our registered dietician can provide you with accurate information about feeding your changing body, decrease risk of prenatal/birth complications and provide a nutritional framework to support you in your motherhood journey.

Lactation Nutrition

Unsure how to maintain hydration and nutrition throughout your breastfeeding journey? We understand! Our registered dietician who is ALSO a certified lactation counselor can best support your meal preparation, assure you are achieving proper nutrients while feeding your little, and create sustainable changes to help you feel the best you can in your body. 

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