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Tongue and Lip Tie Care

Tongue/lip tie or “ankyloglossia” occurs when the small band of tissue, or frenulum, is too tight, too short, or too thick. It can wreak havoc on breastfeeding, starting solids, head shape, jaw growth, sleep, breathing, and much more as children transition to adulthood.

                                            Unfortunately... you cannot out grow a tongue or lip tie. 


Luckily, we provide tongue and lip tie services from infancy to adulthood. In fact, we take it a step further and provide a comprehensive oral myofunctional evaluation. Whether you are a new mom wondering why your nipples are in so much pain ( no, that is not normal) or an adult who has never been able to take multiple sips of a drink without coughing, roll their "r"s or have persistent jaw pain...we have the needed tools to evaluate, treat, and provide pre and post-procedure services. This makes the procedure itself, known as a frenectomy, as the "icing on top."


Tongue and Lip Tie Evaluation

Looking to find out once and for all if there is a tongue or lip tie? Book an evaluation only, virtual or in person.

Pre, Post, and Bodywork Bundle

Bodywork tends to be the missing piece in many tongue and lip tie cases.  Add this special touch and massage to the pre and post procedure support. A bodywork session alone is $100.0, save some money while you get the help you need!

Pre and Post Procedure Combo

Procedure should be icing on the top. Pre and Post Procedure sessions include a full evaluation, steps to prepare you for wound care, myofunctional exercises, and the follow up to assure procedure went as expected.

Pick Six Bundle

 A bundle provided to save money and the most popular choice. 3 oral based therapy sessions and 3 bodywork sessions. 

We make insurance reimbursement easy with our superbill guide. 

*In home service availability is dependent on your location. 

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