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From infancy to elderly, we are here.

Lingua provides evaluation and treatment for a wide range of services including myofunctional, myofascial, speech, cognitive, language, and swallowing therapy across the lifespan.  Uniquely, services are also able to be provided for breast and bottle feeding, tongue-tie management, and voice disorders. Lingua prides itself on aiding families in successful cessation of habits such as thumb sucking or pacifier weaning promoting healthy facial growth and appropriate dentition.

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Please reach out for questions or concerns regarding: 

  • breastfeeding/bottle feeding 

  • infant massage

  •  head, neck, and oral massage (myofascial release) 

  • oral myofunctional therapy

  • speech, language, cognition therapy

  • voice/gender affirmation therapy

  • picky eating/swallowing therapy

  • professional mentorship

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