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Sleep Coaching

Our sleep coaching services provide comprehensive support to help families get the sleep they need from prenatal education to personalized infant and toddler support.

We provide personalized, evidence-based sleep solutions that are tailored to each family's individual needs and goals. 

What is sleep coaching?

Sleep coaching is the process of providing education, altering the environment, and creating a routine to support a child to fall asleep or return to sleep with ease. 

This is not just leaving your baby alone to "cry it out" as there are other gentle ways to improve sleep based on your baby's temperament and your family's goals. 


Babies are born with limited knowledge and experience, so it's our responsibility as parents to teach them how to eat, sleep, and play. Alongside food, love, safety, and touch, sleep is crucial for growth and development. So, just as you will eventually teach your child to ride a bike or read, healthy sleep habits can be taught and nurtured, gifting them lifelong restful sleep.


From birth, our sleep coach will equip you with various methods to soothe your baby to sleep, including nursing, rocking, patting, swinging, or bouncing. After about three months, you can gradually start teaching your baby to fall asleep independently, regardless of their sleeping location. By around four months, you can safely reduce your assistance in getting your little one to sleep (rocking, swinging, etc.), and by six or seven months, your baby is physiologically capable of sleeping through the night without interruption (although breastfed babies may continue to wake for feeding for an additional 2-3 months).


Newborn Educational Session  0-3 Months Old

If you are pregnant or have a newborn, this is for you. Learn and apply the foundational skills of newborn sleep shaping. Sleep shaping is an introduction of routines that gently set your child up with positive sleep habits during a time when they are not yet developmentally ready for sleep coaching. You will learn about routines and gentle techniques to support sleep development through a one-hour personalized educational session. This includes the ability to pre-submit questions for a completely customizable experience. 

Comprehensive Sleep Program 3 Months - 5 Years Old

Are you ready to sleep coach your child using supportive methods that maintain trust and attachment? This program is our most popular and supportive option that includes a customized sleep plan, two phone consults, two weeks of on-demand text support to tweak and troubleshoot anything that comes up, and age-appropriate personalized visuals (sleep log, daily schedule, sleep chart, etc.). If this is your first-time sleep coaching, you want an expert in your village to guide you along the way. 

DIY Sleep Program
3 Months - 5 Years Old

This program is best for families who have some pre-existing sleep knowledge and are comfortable with implementing and adjusting a customized plan. It includes a sleep plan tailored to your child and family goals, an optional phone consult, and personalized visuals (sleep log, daily schedule, sleep chart, etc.). If you have the basics down and need assistance determining which method would work best with your child's temperament and family goals, this is a perfect fit!

Self-guided sleep help is also available.

“I had the opportunity to join Lingua's Mastering Sleep class. As a mother of two with baby #3 on the way, I couldn’t believe how much I learned! I would recommend this class to any pregnant mom or mother with a little one!"

Laura, C.

Why do I need sleep coaching?

There is no shortage of books, information, and approaches that can improve your baby's sleep. The problem with a one-size-fits-all approach is that it doesn't account for your parenting style and one of the biggest influences on sleep - your baby's temperament.  


A sleep coach can be an invaluable ally for parents, providing expert guidance and support during the challenging early months of parenthood. Our sleep coach is apart of your village! She specializes in understanding the complexities of infant sleep and will equip you with personalized, evidence-based strategies to help your baby develop healthy sleep habits. A common misconception among parents is that once their baby leaves the newborn stage, sleep will naturally improve. If only parenting were that simple!


Learning to sleep independently typically requires assistance and a deliberate set of actions from parents. Yes, some babies and temperaments can learn to fall asleep on their own, but it's not as common as you might think. Moreover, parenting evolves as your baby grows, and adjustments may be necessary to navigate periods of rapid growth and development. Understanding, observing, and managing your baby's sleep is the most effective way to enhance sleep. Our support helps you tackle the challenges of early parenthood with confidence.

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