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Oral Myofunctional Therapy

Oral Myofunctional Therapy(OMT) is a treatment that targets the muscles of the mouth and face for both children and adults. It is designed to ensure that the muscles are functioning correctly for sleeping, eating, and speaking, with a focus on airway improvement and appropriate facial development.

What can OMT help you with?

Office & virtual appointments are available for OMT.

Are you still unsure if we are the best fit for you? That's okay. Take some time to explore the types of people we frequently assist, you can determine whether OMT would be advantageous for you or a loved one, and achieve the most optimal outcomes!


"As a top level strength athelte, my jaw and neck pain were dibiltating. On top of this, I had chewing, swallowing, and airway issues that were completely resolved upon myofunctional therapy with Lingua"

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"Prior to Oral Myofunctional Therapy with Lingua, I could not walk and drink at the same time. I have had life long difficulty "rolling " my "r" sound and a constant issue with snoring"

- Andrew Triana,


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