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Pediatric Services Available

 Lingua specializes in a wide range of pediatric therapy services able to be provided in clinic, in home (pending location), or from the comfort of your home using teletherapy.

Child In Speech Therapy

Speech and Language Therapy

Ranging from speech sound errors to dysfluency  (stuttering) to receptive and expressive language disorders, Lingua recommends early detection and intervention to best thrive socially, emotionally, and academically. 

Image by Izzy Park

Orofacial Myology  (Myofunctional Therapy)

Poor oral habits, decreased nasal breathing, or tongue, lip, and, cheek ties (ankyloglossia) can be debilitating to feeding/swallowing, speech development, dentition, and facial growth. Myofunctional therapy can be provided by Lingua to train the muscles and movements to coordinate in the best ways possible. 

Feeding and Swallowing

Whether your child food jags, is a picky eater, or diagnosed with dysphagia, our feeding team is highly skilled and experienced in providing the best services possible. 

Image by Luz Fuertes

Voice Therapy

Voice therapy is provided to those who demonstrate a hoarse, raspy, or breathy voice quality. After seeing an ENT, book with us to assure no further vocal damage is done.

Kids Painting

Occupational Therapy (OT)

Fine or gross motor difficulties can limit a child's development. Sensory struggles can make the most basic tasks feel daunting. Luckily, OT can help. It can also help with everyday activities such as potty training, getting dressed, emotional regulation, and social interaction. 

Oral Habit Cessation

Image by Providence Doucet

Pacifier sucking, nail-biting, and thumb sucking can be damaging to developmental growth. Kick the habit with us in a few short sessions.

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